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  • Abiding Savior Academy offers a unique Classical Christian approach that...

Aspects of a Classical Christian School

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Developing Students With Confidence & Compassion Through a Biblical Worldview
Cultural influences are all around us. By default, we learn what we see modeled around us. We believe that for students to learn to act and think differently than the...
30 Apr 2019 By Abiding Savior Academy
Privileged to Partner with the Sioux Falls Hope Coalition
Our congregation and Academy is privileged to partner with the SF Hope Coalition, Multiple Churches offering Pre School, and Community Leaders all working toward ensuring that every child gets an...
30 Nov 2018 By Abiding Savior Academy
Teaching Children to Love the Things that are Lovely
Perhaps you’ve heard the phrase: “Garbage in, garbage out.”  This phrase, of course, suggests that as it relates to the mind, that which we fill our minds with affects the...
31 May 2018 By Abiding Savior Academy

The Classical Education


Learning the fundamental facts and rules of each subject  
Learning how particular facts are related in each subject  
Clearly expressing grammar and logic components in each subject  

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