9th Grade


Monday - Friday 8:00-3:00pm


Dr. Jackie Lent
Pastor Ryan Smith
Elise Knobloch

What’s Unique About Our 9th Grade Class

Ninth Grade is a transition year in many ways; students are beginning high school in the traditional sense, but in the classical model, they are moving into the rhetoric stage of the trivium. This stage is a culmination of the grammar and logic stages in which they combine the knowledge they have gained with the logic skills they have learned in order to effectively communicate their own ideas.

Our Ninth Grade students have a combined History and Literature course, in which they study both Ancient History as well as Ancient Literature. This unified approach offers rich context that informs and enhances learning in both subject areas.

Many of our students have had multiple years of Latin at this point; they will now transition to learning Spanish. Their background in Latin offers a solid foundation for learning a multitude of languages and helping them better understand English.


Literature – Ancient Literature
Writing – Writer’s Workshop
History – Ancient (Cengage)
Bible – Mastering Bible Study Skills (Purposeful Design)
Logic/Rhetoric – Formal Logic (Classical Academic Press)
Math – Algebra 1 & Geometry (Saxon)
Science – Biology (Apologia)
Foreign Language – Spanish (Avancemos!)
Specials – Health/PE (Apologia)

Fees In Addition To Tuition

$180 Curriculum Fee
$100 Non-refundable Registration Fee

Abiding Savior Academy is excited to offer this opportunity, and looks forward to partnering with you. If you are interested in learning more, please contact Fay Fisher directly by calling 605-371-1876, or by emailing ffisher@knowingthesavior.org.

School Welcome Packets

Informational packets will be mailed during the last week of July. Included in this packet you will find Welcome letters from the Principal, your child’s teacher and all Special’s teachers. You will also receive an updated school calendar, a class supply list, and Open House Information.

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